Bus stop blues!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tuesday is Ellie's preschool day, so she catches the bus home with Zai. I greeted them with the camera & said I wanted some photos as it was such a gorgous day. Zai was happy to have a photo as long as his football card was in the photo!! Missy Moo wasn't quite so consenting - she stomped off every time I tried to take a photo ( however always wearing that half smile that means she really does want a picture - but just enjoys the drama associated with saying she doesn't)!!
I did manage to catch this one - attitude & all!!

We finally got smiles in the end!!


Grandma said...

Hi Zai & Elly,
we love your photos - you both look great. Do you have many football cards, Zai? Is school fun for you??? I can't wait til Grandad and I can come down, and walk with you to your bus stop!! Thanks for praying for Grandad - he is getting much better. We go for walks most days. Sometimes we even see Nanny and Grandpa when we're out!!!
Ellie are you the queen of Sunnyside??? (on your post there!!) Miss you all, Lots of love
Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heather said...

Renata, that last picture is so great!

My girls are both drama queens, so we have quite a few episodes like this at our house:)

I wanted to invite you to join the Mommy Fest, which is going on right now. I have links on my blog. Come by and check it out!


Kimmie said...

What beautiful (and photogenic) children you have. I love that last picture...so cute!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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